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About My Program  Our goal in caring for children is to provide them with a safe, nurturing, and comfortable environment in which they can play, learn, and interact with others.  Our program is structured to give your children the consistency they need while providing many opportunities for exploration of the world around them.
For toddlers and preschoolers, we have an exceptional Christian theme-based curriculum, which includes different daily activities related to monthly themes.  Activities include but are not limited to
; coloring, painting, cutting, puzzles, finger plays, blocks, legos, and play doh for small motor development.  Running, jumping, throwing, kicking, biking, and dancing helps to build large motor skills.
Concepts such as recognition of numbers, letters, shapes, and colors are taught and reinforced.  We also have circle time daily, which provides excellent activities for, creativity, hand-eye coordination, listening skills, and much more.  We sing songs and read books every day! In addition, we work on developing social skills such as sharing, manners, and self-control.


About My Daycare  

We have a Licensed family daycare, in a quite peaceful country environment.  We accept children aged two weeks to ten years.  We have a small, selective enrollment, which allows me to devote more individual attention to each child in my care. We provide well-balanced meals including breakfast, lunch, and one snack a day. Our home is located on the south east side of South Bend with easy access to the By-pass and is situated on twenty acres of land. I have a large, well-equipped playground area and lots of toys to play with inside, too! Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.  Our handbook explains all of my policies, and we think you will find them to be a great source of growing up guide lines.

Text Box: Mary had a little lamb,
she also had the flu.
And when she left her daycare,
the others had it too.
So any time your child is sick,
please keep them home with you.
Then the children in our daycare,
will be happier and healthier too!


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                                                          Email: customerservice@johnsonsdaycare.com