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Welcome to Johnsonís Daycare  

   We are so glad to have you as part of our daycare family. I am a professional childcare provider, who has been operating since 1979. To facilitate greater understanding between parent(s) and provider I have created a handbook that covers all of my childcare philosophies, business policies and expectations. We hope that you and your child\ren will be most comfortable and happy here. Your child\ren are very important to us and we will make every effort possible to keep your little one content, and excited about their preschool experience. We hope to help each child to reach the following goals: 

                 1. Develop a good self-image about him\herself.

                 2. Acquire a thirst for knowledge.

                 3. Develop independence.

                 4. Have many positive learning experiences.

                 5. Develop responsibility about themselves and others.

                 6. To let him\her know that we here at Johnson's Daycare,

                    are concerned, caring adults, who want only the best

                    for them. 

                 Here at Johnson's Daycare, we teachers spend the day teaching, loving, helping, singing, educating, feeding, diapering painting, reading and enjoying! At the same time a lot of notes, policies, forms, and other information needs to be communicated to the parents. There is not always time to devote to all this. So this Website and our handbook is to help solve that problem. Please feel free to discuss with me any questions that you may have.     




Goals at Johnson's Daycare  

Johnson's Daycare focuses on the needs of the child and the family. We are a family oriented service. Today, quality childcare plays an important role in the lives of working parents. Our program is designed to support you, the working parent and to supplement the care, guidance, and love you provide in the home. You are the center of your child's life and we encourage you to become actively involved in our program.

      Johnson's Daycare wants to provide a comfortable, loving, and secure child care environment for your child--a place where the child can develop socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually as well as relax and enjoy him/herself. We feel it is important for the child to be in a well-supervised situation so he or she can feel secure and comfortable while Mom and Dad are working. Our open hours from 7:00 am - 5:30 pm are designed for your convenience so you can leave and pick up your child without rushing.

      We encourage good nutrition, good health, and good manners. We want each child to become aware of responsibilities to others and to develop habits of courtesy. We also want to encourage each child to express him/herself and to direct the child's energies toward desirable actions. We want to make each child feel he or she is especially important and an extremely worthwhile person. We recognize the importance of childrenís individuality and strive to nurture a positive sense of self worth in their lives.

       We believe in the value of both structured and flexible schedules. Structured activities will include the use of a preschool curriculum, circle time regular reading times, arts and craft, and musical activities. Outdoor play free play birthday parties, and educational-style videos, are some of the more flexible activates we have. We like to have FUN so please donít expect daycare or your child\ren to be perfectly clean at pick up time. We do lots of activities that are messy and will do our best to maintain cleanliness and order, but fun and well-being of the children will always take precedence over cleaning.

         We feel that parents are the child's primary educator.  Johnson's Daycare is here to support the care, guidance, and love you provide in the home and supplement it while you work. We believe parents should have an active role in our program. There are numerous ways to become involved--from sharing a talent to saving "beautiful junk" to helping with field trips and parties to helping make learning materials.

      As you strive to provide the very best for your child, may we offer a few suggestions that will help your child through his/her preschool years;

     1. By your actions and words, assure your child that you love them.

      2. Provide time to share activities with your children that are of interest to them.

      3. Read to your preschooler.

      4. Set a daily routine and stick to it as close as possible.

      5. Make sure he/she gets plenty of rest (8-12 hours).

      6. Be an example of what you want your child to be. (If you want your children to

          follow in your footprints be very careful where you place your feet).


      Your preschool child is a very important part of your life.  He/She demands a lot of your time and talents, and returns all your efforts with one big hug and kiss.  Appreciate your child and be assured that you are not alone as you strive to provide the very best for your child.






                                                          Email: customerservice@johnsonsdaycare.com